Any questions that are asked often we will post on here to answer anything you need, If you do not see the answer you are looking for free, simply click here to contact us .

Q.Once i subscribe then what?

A. You will receive a email with the models snapchat ID, simply add the ID to you snapchat. The model will get an alert to add you and that's it... enjoy the premium snaps.

Q. I already have a account but i want to subscribe to a 2nd, 3rd, 4th... model, can i?

A. Absolutely, just hit subscribe and use the same details of your current account. However, if you have a member already with another girl its even easier.... login first and then choose the model you want and hit subscribe, you will not need to -re-enter your payment details in.

Q. What if i want to cancel?

A. Easy, click 'billing support' enter your details and cancel your subscription, your membership will expire at the end date and you will not be billed.

Q. I cancelled my membership, but i want to become a member again?

A. Fantastic and the lucky lady will be pleased... just enter the same snapchat username, password and email you used previously and your account will be reinstated. We will ask you to enter your Card or Paypal details in again as we do not store any personal data on our system.